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About Kathak

Kathak is a North Indian Classical Dance.
Katha means story-telling.
Kathak is a mixture of pure dance (Nritta) and story-telling in a mimical way (Natya).
Kathak dance is based on the Classical North Indian Music (Sitar and Tabla).
This music is based on a rythmical cicle (avartan) of usally 16 beats (Teentaal).
Typical elements for Kathak is the rythm, the speed inbetween the rythm and the coordination of footwork (Tatkhar) and hand gestures (Hastak) incombination with fast circles.
Kathak dance helps to gain confidance on the body and it can strength the selfconfident.

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Adiba Amani was born in Afghanistan. She grew up in Germany, where she learned Kathak beside her studies as an Architect. The last two years she is teaching Kathak in Budapest, where she is now living and working. Her master is Alpana Sengupta, who is from the Jaipur Gharana and who teaches in England, London.